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    Hi! I am Edward. Nutrition Educator + Fitness Enthusiast. I want to live in a world where every men & woman loves their Body, Nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word “Restriction” isn’t in the dictionary.


    Best Hair Growth Supplements: The A-Z Guide

    December 3, 2016

    You might ask yourself : Should You REALLY need to take Best Hair Growth Supplements ? Although the best source of vitamins for hair growth is food . However, if you fail to get enough in your diet, best hair growth supplements will be a very helpful source. But it’s also true: that finding the supplements […]


    Hair Growth Products: 8 Essential Products (With No Side Effects)

    December 2, 2016

    If a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to the skin, it also improves hair quality. For a shiny and healthy mane, it is important to eat varied (fruits and vegetables), to drink 2 liters of water per day, to get enough sleep and to make sport to oxygenate. 1.The Coconut Cream This Hair Growth Products strengthens […]


    Hairfinity Hair Growth Pills: Do They Really Works?

    December 1, 2016

    I bought and tested this product because it contains my two favorite ingredients: Biotin and MSM. The reviews I found on the Internet: I have read several reviews about this product and almost all reviews are positive. This product has great success in the African American community where girls are struggling to retain length, as […]


    How to Grow Hair Faster ? – Tips and Tricks:

    December 1, 2016

    How to grow Hair Faster: A Healthy Scalp for Beautiful Hair A healthy and pampered scalp is the basis of hair at the top and grows faster! Because of its role as a physical barrier, it requires as much attention as the skin of the face. Just like your pretty face, think to erase your […]


    Can a Damaged Hair Be Repaired ? Science says No :(

    November 30, 2016

    Hey, Folks! I wanted to make a little update on the ideas received concerning the products called “Repairers”. One reads many reviews on hair products or assets meant to repair the damaged hair. The advertisements promise perfect products for damaged, forked or brittle hair. But if you ask:    Can a forked or Damaged Hair be […]


    Top 6 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth 2017 (#2 is MUST)

    November 28, 2016

    Do you love your Hair? Of course, you do. But if you are unable to find the Essential vitamins for hair growth, Then: you would really love my Top 6 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth 2017 list. You might agree with me that: For the body to function well, it is essential that you consume […]


    Vitamins for Skin: 7 “The Very Best” Vitamins (#2 is a MUST):

    November 28, 2016

    Hey, Folks! Do you love your Skin? you really don’t want to damage your skin using artificial skin products and REALLY in search of some natural vitamins for skin. Then: Congrats! you have come to the right place.  You might agree with me that, as our body needs many vitamins for its proper functioning, like […]


    Top 5 Vitamin E Oils for Hair Growth 2017

    November 27, 2016

    Are you looking for: Bright, voluminous and inflatable hair? But only a few of us know how to do it. If you have tried a number of hair growth products and do not get the best results, try using Vitamin E Oils for Hair. I bet: Your hair will be grateful for you to quench […]


    Top 4 Hair Growth Treatments Using Minoxidil 5%

    November 26, 2016

    Do you know that: Minoxidil is one of the most effective and most used Hair Growth Treatments and Baldness (Androgenetic alopecia) treatment. With an efficiency that leads to faster hair regrowth in approximately 65% of patients, a very reasonable price and few side effects Minoxidil 5% is a Hair Growth Treatments to be considered for […]


    Top 4 Vitamins for Hair Growth(# 1 is a MUST): The A – Z Guide

    November 24, 2016

    You might agree with me: In order to find the best vitamins for hair growth, you REALLY need to understand why you are experiencing hair loss? Do you suffer from the essential vitamins deficiency? Is it genetic? Do you treat your hair correctly? and the questions like that. Since: Science has made many advances in […]

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