Can a Damaged Hair Be Repaired ? Science says No :(

November 30, 2016

Hey, Folks! I wanted to make a little update on the ideas received concerning the products called “Repairers”. One reads many reviews on hair products or assets meant to repair the damaged hair.

The advertisements promise perfect products for damaged, forked or brittle hair.

But if you ask:

   Can a forked or Damaged Hair be repaired instantly? 

  The answer, I give you right away, is NO.

What scientist says is:

The only living part of the hair is contained in the hair bulb.Just as a fork can not stick together, you can not restore the fiber of a damaged hair.

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Indeed, hair is a dead matter, which therefore can not (by definition) be regenerated.


Once the fiber is altered, it can at the limit be filled and sheathed:

This is the effect sought by the products of the large surface containing silicones, which promise a repair of the hair, Of a simple dressing, the breaches in the hair fiber are clogged, but in no case can the cuticle deteriorated be reconstituted.

Bonus Video: How-To Repair Dry Damaged Hair

The only living part of your hair is in the hair follicle, i.e at the level of the bulb!

A hair “dies” when it no longer has its bulb and is then in the telogen phase, after the catagen phase in which the hair no longer grows and the bulb is absorbed.



The “repair” of the hair is only an advertising argument.

If you can not repair a Damaged Hair, what can you do?

One can not “repair” in the true sense of the term hair, but one can nevertheless work on two things:

  • Preventer
  • Arranger

damaged-hair-1Prevention is above all to care:

Yes, there is an interest to hydrate, nourish and strengthen the hair constantly, to avoid deterioration, precisely because the only solution at that time will be cutting!

Oil baths, moisturizing and neutral henna are used to prevent the appearance of forks, to soften the hair and to provide care.

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But if the fiber is really too much deteriorated, the assets will come out immediately and it will be necessary to resort to more radical solutions! 

Arranger: It controls and beautifies the Hair. The soft material, protect hairs from external aggressions, make it possible to limit the appearance of new forks.

On a sufficiently healthy hair, the treatments are very effective because the fiber is strong enough to preserve them and to benefit from their principles.

When a Hair is extremely damaged, what happens?

Well simply the scales are lifted, the cuticle is literally eaten away and therefore the care has only very very low effectiveness, their effects leave at the first shampoo!

The scales are so open and the hair so porous that it does not keep any nutrition or hydration. A hair so discolored that it breaks at the least contact, and is not recoverable. Unfortunately, you have to cut it!

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