Green Smoothie: 10 Reasons to Drink more often!

December 12, 2016

Do you know the Green Smoothies? Green Smoothie is prepared from vegetables and fruits (especially spinach, kale, mint, banana, orange, and pear, among others). In addition to being very pleasant to drink, they are good for health and represent perfect substitutes for snacks in the afternoon. But that’s not all: here are 10 reasons to let yourself be tempted!

1 –They are very Nutritious

Whatever the recipe chose, with fruits and vegetables that are among the best possible vitamin intake, you will get your dose of vitamin A, vitamin C or even magnesium or potassium in a single drink.

2 –They are Better than Juices

The green smoothie is better for your health as it also contains essential vitamins and minerals and contains all the fibers of fruits and vegetables that disappear during the industrial manufacture of juices.

3 –They Bring the Daily Dose of Fruits and Vegetables

5 fruits and vegetables a day, it seems to you sometimes complicated? With a green smoothie, the quota is respected very easily! In addition, if you do not like the taste of vegetables, the fact that they are mixed with fruits makes them much more enjoyable to consume.

4 –They are Simple and Quick to Prepare

Just have a blender at home! Then, just put all the ingredients together, and leave! You can even make a big amount of it at once and store the rest in your fridge!

5 –They are not Expensive

By focusing on seasonal fruits and vegetables, the green smoothie is about the same as a brick of multi-vitamin fruit juice. Made at home, it is, in addition, much cheaper than taken in a cafe!

6 –They are Perfect for Children

Generally, children tend to be reluctant to eat vegetables. The green smoothie is a different way of making them eat, and in addition, starting with a higher proportion of fruits compared to vegetables, it should go by itself!

7 –They Bring Energy

Fruits are an important source of energy but are quickly depleted because of the sugars they contain. By mixing them with vegetables in the smoothie, the sugar intake is more controlled, and the energy is distributed more evenly.

8 –They are Low in Calories

Since they contain mostly water and fiber, green smoothies are low in calories while giving the feeling of really eating. They are therefore the ideal ally in case of diet or to help fight small cravings!

9 –They are easy to Digest

Since it is already liquid, the green smoothie is more easily digested by our body. It is therefore also advisable for people who often have digestive problems. Although made from several foods, it remains a fresh and light drink.

10 –They stay Hydrated

As we said just before, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, so drinking a smoothie helps bring our body some of the water it needs. It is even possible to add a little water during the preparation, for even more benefits!

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