How to Grow Hair Faster ? – Tips and Tricks:

December 1, 2016

Tired of your blurry square (yet great trend hairstyle of spring/summer 2016), your fringe that takes ten years to repel or your hairdresser who still has not understood the concept of “just a small centimeter“? Here are some tips and tricks for how to grow hair faster …without tearing your hair out.

How to grow Hair Faster:

A Healthy Scalp for Beautiful Hair


A healthy and pampered scalp is the basis of hair at the top and grows faster! Because of its role as a physical barrier, it requires as much attention as the skin of the face.

Just like your pretty face, think to erase your skull once a week to eliminate the excess of sebum, the remains of styling products and dandruff. Moistens your scalp and massages it with your fingertips with a mild exfoliating product. Attention: if you have thick hair, the small grains of the scrub can prove very difficult to rinse, so I advise you to make a natural recipe based on salt and olive oil to be sure that everything disappears well In your pipes.

The massage of the skull, to be realized with a mixture of toning essential oils and vegetable oil, makes it possible to soften the scalp and to activate the growth of the hair by boosting the microcirculation.

How to Grow Hair Faster:

Natural Masks for the Hair: The Magic Wand


In addition to stimulating your scalp, you can encourage the growth by offering your hair a weekly care based on natural products easy to find and cheap like coconut oil or castor oil.

A few hours before your shampoo (the day before, it’s even better!), apply your oil from the root of the hair to the tips. Do not hesitate to use it to massage your scalp for about ten minutes!

Once your scalp is relaxed, wrap your hair in a warm towel (or stuck it under a charlotte if you plan to go to bed) and allow the oil bath to sit between thirty minutes and a whole night.

To rinse the oil and avoid a rather “unpleasant” hairy effect, wash your hair with warm water (perfect to dilute the product) and with a mild shampoo. Do not hesitate to shampoo your head twice in succession to remove all oily residues.

How to grow Hair Faster:

Good use of Food Supplements

To be in good shape, and therefore grow well (the average shoot is about 1 cm per month), the hair needs nutrients, brought to the roots by the blood. Our diet, therefore, has a real role to play in the growth of stronger hair and always longer.

Certain molecules like vitamin B, proteins and iron are necessary for regular hair growth and even for their health. Indeed, a deficiency of essential nutrients can lead to the breakage and even an early fall of the hair.

In the quest of searching the answer of How to Grow Hair Faster , you can count on food supplements to secure a healthy and fast growth of your hair.

Iron is vital to the nutrition and oxygenation of the hair’s reproductive cells. The lack of this trace element can lead to chronic hair loss as well as a decrease in capillary volume.

Zinc, thanks to its antibacterial and sebum-regulating properties, is particularly appreciated by our roots who need a healthy soil to grow hair.

Beer yeast is the natural food richest in B vitamins, constituents necessary for the synthesis of keratin, which makes up more than 95% of the hair fiber.

The pollen has an exceptional nutritional value because of its composition rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It helps to revitalize the hair and stops the fall process.

Soya lecithin, Magnesium, and Royal jelly can also have beneficial effects on the growth and general condition of your hair.

How to Grow Hair Faster:

Supplements for Hair Growth

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And what about you, what are your tricks to make your hair grow faster?

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