Our Favorite 25 Diet Bloggers To Follow in 2017

January 27, 2017
Top 25 Blogger
Top 25 Bloggers

I have made a list with the 25 Best Diet Blogs 2017, so that you can visit them, stay with the ones that you like best and start improving your health.

The criteria followed to include these blogs are the quality of its content, a constant periodicity, that is directed by professionals and experts in the matter and that also bring an extra value to its readers.

Although the article is classified in a classification, its order does not indicate anything, since it would be impossible to have a criterion so developed as to rank them. The purpose of this enumeration is to make the reader more comfortable reading.

We are sure that we have forgotten some other important portal and, therefore, we would like you to leave us a comment reminding which blog you think should appear in this list and why. If you meet the criteria, do not hesitate to include it. 

1: Blogilates


Founded by Cassey Ho, she is an award-winning fitness instructor based in Los Angeles, CA. It is one of the blogs with the most impact in the network.

The blog includes a great resource of videos and articles related to your Fitness, some cool recopies and talks about nutritional diet and much more.

The BEST part is that she has some cool challenges for you like 28 Day Reset Challenge and 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge which really makes you Slim and Smart if you follow them properly.

2: AJourneyToThin


Alissa the Author, talks about her journey to health and fitness. She is a girl with a mission. Yes when I say mission it means Weight Loss and healthy eating.

You will love her story and advice about daily life exercise and eating routine.

3: DiaryOfAnAspiringLoser


Michelle, the founder of this blog is actually an inspirational licensed therapist. Her blog tells an almost ten years of inspirational adventure in weight loss. Now she is maintaining her weight and really provide you some of the best tips about how she does it.

4: YumYucky


Josiel is a passionate blogger and shares her knowledge about fitness tips, yummy food recipes, some healthy juice recipes , natural beauty products and the stuff like that.



Taralynn blogs almost anything about herself in her blog from wearing many hats, showing off her own collections to different healthy foods and recopies she loves . She also runs an online clothing store. She takes as much joy in the energy of her readers as they do her from her blog.



#This blog is my favorite on . Russ is a best-selling author of the many books that have made his chops as a power contributor to various means of great communication.

In his Blog he talks about different Gluten –free and Paleo-friendly recipies, inspired by traditional and international cuisines. Remember his new recipe comes every Tuesday.



Grace proves that if you go with your own rhythm and you will get the rights results eventually, whether it’s a sleeping habit, dancing or a weight loss. As the diet itself has not been done any much to her , She actually believes in very basic concept of small changes and gains that makes a snowball .

On her journey to find health and balance , she shares some great health tips and recipes.

8: JustAOneGirlRevolution


Mindy is 30 years old, and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a certified holistic health coach with a mission to help others learn to live their best life.

9: PaleoNonPaleo


I would say Alison is an expert of Paleo or not Paleo advice. She became the author of the Amazon Best-selling Paleo guide after when she ask her facebook fans about what they were struggling with. She blogs about Paleo and the strange conditions associated with it.



I must say ANNA, the founder of this blog is an amazing blogger. Her colorful personality will really impress you. She loves fashion , fitness, food and recipes. She is so inspirational that you would keep on reading her stuff.

11: ReaderEater


Cat, the founder of this blog, blogs about desserts , books and healthy recipes. She also talks about her experiences about losing weight and maintaining it.

12: GretchenInBetween


Gretchen is a 28 years, Whasian (as she says, I’m between Asian and White) blogger and full of colors, as she loves to color her hairs and show it to the whole world.

Once she almost lose 60 pounds by implementing her weight loss ideas, which also shares on her blog. She mostly talks about weight issues, beauty tips and food recipes in her blog.



Biz is a founder of this blog with a great personality. She tries to discuss some very important issues related to diabetes and also providing a reliable source of healthy foods, Recipes and habits, especially for those who really needs to know about it.

14: BethsJourney


Beth shares her inspiration story about war against weight loss. She won the half of a battle by losing weight but her journey still continues against weight loss by maintaining it.

15: NoBunPlease


This blog is one of the best resource about Paleo Diet. Dominic mostly talk about the “KETO DIET” That has been converted to “PALEO PLUS”. It include a complete Paleo Diet consists of potatoes, rice and dairy products.

16: TooHottieForThatBody

Too Hottie For That Body

A former athlete who faced weight gains who were stubborn to the extreme, Nina asks her readers to invoke her "Hottie" inside and keep on working day and night to maintain your “I am a Hottie” feeling.


FoodHeavenmadeeasy-Wendy & Jess

Wendy & jess are registered dietitians and BFFs. They love to cook healthy recipes and share some very delicious recipes with their readers. They also Podcast regularly about healthy food and diet you must take.

18: NomNomPaleo


I must say she has a love affair with food adventures. Weather she talks about delicious food recipes, some great lunch ideas or her great invention the Whole30 Meals, Michelle Tam really shows her love for the food.

19: MealsAndMiles


Meghann finds herself gaining weight while working at a desk job all day. So starts blogging and documenting her daily life routine to lose weight so that other also gets help from her experience.

20: NaturallyElla


Erin founded “NaturallyElla” in2007. Since that time her blogs grows from basic vegetable names and their use to natural cooking and some cool vegetarian recipes. Whether you have to cook a meal or you want to explore an ingredient, this blog is a great resource for you.



Leanne is Living in Canada. She is an ultra-passionate Holistic Nutritionist and running this very informative food blog. She help people create a lifestyle they truly deserve and providing daily actions that create measure able results.

22: RunEatRepeat


The name of the blogs says it all. Monica loves to run, eat and then repeat . She take parts in different races and also loves food. She shares her experience about how she managed to keep balance between running and eating and somehow maintaining her body weight. She also do Podcasts.

23: RealEverything


Stacy and Matt’s blog have a top rated Podcast and they are also the author of many bestselling books on the internet. National Media regularly post their recipes. They previously runs PaleoParents which is now converted into RealEverything.

24: PaleoMazing


Tina is a Writer , Teacher and a consultant, as she develops her own recipes, teaches people how to follow a proper Paleo diet and guide her readers how overcome their diet related issues.



She started this blog after losing almost 40lbs. On the way of reaching her goal of losing more weight she has lose almost 105lbs and now maintain it. She says that this journey is just a beginning . She shares everything from her good times to bads and everything in between.



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