Top 5 (Cheap) Windbreaker Jackets 2018

November 1, 2017

Welcome to a new guide to “Top 5 Windbreaker Jackets (2018 )

Lovers of outdoor sports, camping, and hiking cannot do without a windbreaker in their closet, but how do you choose the best model for you?

We have conducted a 20-hour investigation, comparing and analyzing 40 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best cheap windbreakers for you.

In this useful guide…
We offer you 3 valuable sections that will help you make the best decision:


Best Brands:
It is logical that lovers of outdoor activities need a windbreaker to protect them from the cold and wind, but you have to know well which brands to choose to hit the right choice. They are remarkable:

The North Face: This is one of the marks par excellence of the market in terms of sports and adventurous clothes. It offers a wide range of products of high quality, ideal both to go to work and to enter in full nature. Top quality.

Adidas: The Adidas brand is another of the star brands on the market, a brand with great value for money, modern designs, and durable and durable materials. A safe bet to enjoy windbreaks with class, style, and comfort.

Nike: Nor should we forget to mention the Nike brand, synonymous with design, quality, comfort, and style. Its wide range of products has been specially designed for those more adventurous and nature lovers to enjoy to the fullest.

2. The 5 Best & Cheap windbreakers of 2018

Below we offer you a list that collects the 5 Best & Cheap windbreakers you can find on the market.

So Let’s start with:

5: Uhlsport Training Windbreaker Jacket

Nike Windrunner Athletic Men’s Jacket >> Click here to see the current price <<

Technical data and functions:

This Windbreaker Jacket in size L shows a nice and bright red color. It is made of durable, waterproof materials, making it ideal for humid climates or rainy seasons.

It is comfortable, guaranteeing great flexibility and freedom of movement in your outdoor activities.It is ideal to be able to get warm, preventing the cold from entering.

It offers really good value for money. In one of the sleeves of this model is printed in white the name of the brand. A safe bet for low budget buyers.


      • It is a comfortable model, lightweight, warm, waterproof, durable and durable. It offers great flexibility and freedom of movement, making it ideal for sports or outdoor activities. Its value for money is unbeatable.


      • A somewhat striking color, but perfect for those looking for vivid colors away from traditional black and blue.

Final Assessment:

      • A fully recommended purchase if you are looking for a good value for money.
      • One of the best cheap windbreakers you can find.
      • Comfortable, economical, quality, waterproof and warm. A safe bet.
      • Very good product manufactured with quality materials, resistant and impermeable. A smart buy

4: Adidas Men’s Essentials Wind Jacket

Adidas Men’s Essentials Wind JacketAdidas Men’s Essentials Wind Jacket

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      • A lightweight, breathable shell that holds wind, rain, and snow while allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation.
      • ClimaProof® blocks extreme energy-consuming climates to keep you dry and comfortable, even in the harshest conditions

Technical data and functions

This Windbreaker Jacket from the prestigious Adidas brand is perfect for men lovers or sports fans. In black and white, this model is comfortable, light and flexible, allowing great freedom of movement. It is also waterproof, ideal for rainy or wet days.

Note that it is also a breathable model so that it is ideal to allow the sweat to evaporate and not accumulate inside. Ideal for running with wind and cold.

Being made of quality materials, it is presented as a durable and resistant product of good finishes.


      • A comfortable, lightweight, flexible, durable product that allows total freedom of movement when carrying out any physical activity such as running. It is also waterproof and breathable. A first-rate product.


      • It avoids the entrance of light rainwater, but if it is heavy rain it is possible that the water enters inside.

Final Assessment:

      • A really interesting Windbreaker Jacket for men looking for a brand, quality, and price.
      • Its performance and design are very interesting, so you can not ask for more for the cost. It fulfills perfectly with its mission.
      • The quality of the product is very good, which added to the price is an option unbeatable.
      • Light and comfortable for sports.

3: Men’s Lightweight Windbreaker JacketMen’s Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket

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Technical data and functions

This windbreaker jacket is ideal for men, although it can also be suitable for women. It is a wind resistant model, with materials that give it great softness to the touch, as well as strength and durability.

It is lightweight, flexible and allows total freedom of movement.This windbreaker with the membrane is waterproof, protecting you from rain and moisture. It is able to keep the warmth inside it in the cold and windy days.

It’s ideal for sportsmen of all kinds and has two pockets with zip closure. It is submersible up to a 7,000mm water column.


      • It is a really interesting model. Waterproof, breathable, elastic, comfortable, lightweight, flexible and allows total freedom of movement for your sports.
      • It is made of materials of high strength and durability that guarantee the warmth on the coldest days.


      • The size is small, so it is recommended to buy one more size. Protects from mild rain, but not from heavy rain.

Final Assessment:

      • Interesting buy, if you are looking for quality, design, and price.
      • It offers numerous benefits, so it is presented as a safe bet for days of cold, wind and light rain.
      • Comfortable, light and sheltered. Very good product for the lovers and fans of the sport and outdoor activities.

2: The North Face Men’s Evolve IIThe North Face Men’s Evolve II

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Technical data and functions

Beautiful and elegant men’s Windbreaker Jacket from the prestigious and popular brand The North Face. Breathable, waterproof and very light. It is an adjustable and hooded model.

The exterior is breathable completely and with resistant materials. Great value for money.Made of 100% polyester, this jacket in black is flexible, allowing total freedom of movement.

It is a hot and weather resistant model as well as thermoactive. It offers great comfort, so it is a great proposal for activities or sports.


      • Elegant, thin, flexible, adjustable, waterproof and breathable windbreaker for men. A product with great value for money. High-quality materials give it great strength, durability, and warmth in very cold climates.


      • The main drawback is that its cost is somewhat higher than other models, although its performance well deserves it.

Final Assessment:

      • A 100% recommended purchase in all the senses if you have the budget to make it with her.
      • Great quality, great comfort, and a multitude of benefits that make it unique.
      • A good investment for your sports or nature breaks.
      • Elegant windbreaker of great quality that offers great comfort. It fulfills perfectly its mission.

1: Nike Windrunner Athletic Men’s JacketNike Windrunner Athletic Men’s Jacket

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Athletic Men’s Jacket
• Iconic look and lasting comfort.

Technical data and functions:

This beautiful Windbreaker Jacket, available in the gorgeous Black and White color, is ideal for those looking for a brand model with high quality, good finishes and an attractive price.

This model has side zippered pockets of great utility to store the personal objects safely.In the front area is printed the name and logo of the mark. It has an adjustable hood.

It offers great comfort and flexibility, allowing great freedom of movement when doing any sport or outdoor activity. It is breathable, waterproof, lightweight and maintains the warmth inside.


Modern and elegant design. This model made of high-quality materials is durable and resistant. It is breathable, waterproof, lightweight, flexible and has a hood, guarantees maximum comfort and flexibility during use.


      • Its cost goes up quite a bit compared to other models, but its performance is unbeatable.

Final Assessment:

      • Interesting purchase, 100% recommended.
      • An investment that really pays off if you’re a sports lover and outdoor adventurer.
      • Its performance is unbeatable, an indispensable element in your closet.
      • Its details related to quality, design, and comfort are fantastic.


Before buying one of the cheap windbreakers in the market, it is interesting that you stop to value some aspects to get right with your purchase:


Comfort: First of all, before choosing one of the cheap windbreakers that you have at your fingertips, you must value the comfort that offers you. If you do not feel comfortable with it, you’d better choose another option.

Brand: Choosing a good brand is essential, as it ensures that the Windbreaker Jacket fulfills its function perfectly and offers you good results. Adidas, The North Face, Haglöfs, the possibilities are very varied.

Lightness: A windbreaker has to be light since if it is too heavy you will tire quickly and you will have to make an overload during its use to load it.

Protection: Of course, it must guarantee the greatest protection against wind, humidity, and cold, and if possible in the presence of snow and rain. It is recommended that it be an ‘off-road’ model, as well as breathable and waterproof.

If you want to buy one of the best cheap windbreakers, remember our proposals … They are sure to meet your expectations!

Remember that if you have any comments or doubts you can contact us through the comments, our contact section or through our profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time!

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